The Selection -
THE HUNGER GAMES + The Bachelor. Honestly, there isn’t really much to this story, but I couldn’t stop listening to it. (I did the audiobook for this one.)So, the Prince needs a wife. Girls of a certain age fill out a form and then 35 are chosen lottery style to go live in the palace until they are eliminated from the competition. The time table is totally up to the Prince. It could take days, weeks, or years. The number goes from 35 until eventually there are only Top 10 left and they are called the Elite. Then he chooses his wife from those final ten girls.I don’t know why I wanted to listen to this book so much once I started, but I did. I absolutely can’t stand the thought of competing for a person. There is no way I could sit back and share the person I liked with other girls. I would be seething with jealousy if he was kissing the other girls for sure (which he does). This is the same reason I can’t stand those shows like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. It is just creepy and skanky to kiss and cuddle and date so many people at once and expect to find a meaningful relationship. Anyway….What I needed more of was world building! There was some explanation of the wars, current political troubles, caste systems, etc… But, I didn’t get a good feel of what life was like. For instance, America is a 5 (five) which includes artists. Her father is a painter, her brother is a sculptor, and she is a singer. (In fact, her last name is Singer.) Anyway, we never even go with her on a singing job or see her interact with people in her province.Oh, I forgot to mention the love triangle. Of course America is in love with someone lower than her in the caste system. He can’t provide for her and gets upset and breaks it off with her. He is the only reason she put her name in the lottery anyway. Will she be able to put aside her feelings during the Selection?The sequel is called THE ELITE so you know that America makes the cut. Will I listen to it/read it? Yes. I want to know what happens - who she ends up with.