Pulse -
I was excited to read this book. I’m mean look at the cover. Read the synopsis. But, it was a let down. In my opinion, which is exactly that, MY opinion, this book has many flaws. I’m not going to get very detailed about any of them because I don’t want to spoil it for people that haven’t read it yet. But, I can’t help saying a little.This book in written with an omniscient narrator. I really don’t like this style. It can make it very confusing, especially for kids. With this type of narrator the reader can be in everyone’s heads, see what everyone is doing and sometimes that is happening within the SAME paragraph.Also, it is described as being a tender love story? Uhhhh, not in the least is this a tender love story. There is a bit at the end, but it is really one-sided. Not much going on really in that department.There is also some big war brewing that our main characters Faith, Hawk, and Dylan are supposed to win in order to save the world. The problem is, by the end of the book the reader still doesn’t really know what the war is about. Sure there are two opposing views about living inside the super cool, super efficient walled city, but other than that we don’t know what the big deal is.Character development was a problem, too. I had absolutely no connection with the characters. In fact, the one I liked the most was the super evil chick that wants to kill Faith. Faith isn’t likeable at all. I guess I did like Hawk, her younger, geeky sidekick, but there is a problem with him to in the sense that instead of keeping him the good friend, Carman conveniently worked Hawk into the world-saving team. When it was revealed that he was going to help Dylan and Faith with this mission I was like, “Of course his is.”In addition to saying this book is a tender love story, it is also being sold as “compulsively readable.” Again, nope! By the last 1/4 of the book I was almost skimming description and reading dialogue only. I just wanted it to be over!But you might be saying, “But Karin, there was a huge, exciting fight at the end.” Well, I thought it was stupid. Throwing vans around and football goalposts? And, the whole 2nd pulse thing was silly, too.Oh, and to top it all off, about 3/4 of the way through we start getting some pretty heavy handed preaching about the dangers of Global Warming. Carman worked it in as a way to give the readers some backstory, but it didn’t work well.Finally, I have a problem with the revealing of Dylan’s parentage at the end. I understand who his mother is. I understand who his father is. But, I also understand who the evil twins, Wade and Clara’s dad is. Does anyone else feel like there is something wrong here? I mean Clara really like Dylan. Wouldn’t they know??? Someone contact me and help me out with this one.For those of you who have read my other reviews you know this is unusual for me. I like most of what I read. So, why am I being so harsh with this one? This is a poorly written book. And, it is going to be a series. Patrick Carman is a popular author with a huge fan base so kids are going to automatically buy it. Gosh, I was totally excited for this book. But, this is the type of book that will turn kids off. They’ll be confused and say, “Forget this.” and shut it!Like I said, this is my opinion. Others will like the book.