The Enemy - Charlie Higson
It’s the kids against the grownups – literally. A virus has crippled England. Everyone 14-years-old and older is effected. The lucky ones die. The others become crazed, confused monsters that chase, attack and eat anyone they can catch. Kids are left to fend for themselves. Small bands of children gather in abandoned houses and stores – anywhere they can make a stand against the Grown-ups. One group survives in a grocery store. They’ve secured the place with barricades and other safety measures hoping to stay alive. The problem comes when they have to leave the store. Everyday they have to send out a party to scavenge for food. Some places are safer than others, but there are dangers lurking everywhere.The kids are forced to expand their searches farther from the store as supplies are depleted, presenting new dangers everyday. Imagine their surprise when a stranger shows up and tells there is a safe place – free of Grown-ups with plenty of food. Buckingham Palace is a safe haven. Should they trust the stranger?After taking a vote, they decide to leave the safety of the grocery store and begin to navigate the treacherous route to Buckingham Palace. Danger is around every corner and not everybody makes it alive. Will the journey be worth the risk? THE ENEMY is an action-packed novel filled with friendship, death, and power struggles. Think LORD OF THE FLIES with zombies! Charlie Higson keeps the reader on the edge of their seat right to the last page. You’ll be dying to read the sequel.