Waterfall - Lisa Tawn Bergren
Gabi and Lia Betarrini are spending the summer in Italy with their mother on an archeological dig. They have spent every summer on various digs with their parents for as long as they can remember and instead of enjoying the beautiful sights, they are bored out of their minds.While sneaking into an ancient tomb, Gabi and Lia find prints on the wall eerily simliar to their hands. When they place their hands on the imprints everything spins out of control. When Gabi finally pulls her hand away from the wall, everything is dark and she is alone. Gabi landed in fourteenth-century Italy in the middle of a battle between two opposing armies. She hopes the side that rescues her, led by Marcello, is the right one. She knows from all her years listening to her parents talk about life in ancient Italy of the intricacies of medieval politics. She’ll have to be on top of her game if she wants to blend in with the people around her. She gets by on the story that she has been separated from her mother and sister and is welcomed to the castle and offered safety.Gabi spends as much time as she can looking for any sign of Lia. While working on that she works her way into the daily lives of Marcello, his army, and his family. Even though Marcello is betrothed to someone else, she can’t help the feelings she has for him and sometimes, it seems he feels the same. As much as she wants her family back, Gabi continues to get involved in fourteenth-century life. Gabi’s life, in many ways, is much fuller in medieval Italy even though she doesn’t have access to modern conveniences. WATERFALL is only the beginning of her adventures, which continues with increasingly higher stakes in CASCADE and TORRENT.I read all three of these books back to back. I fell in love with Marcello, Greco and Luca. They have to be the sexiest fictional men in print! If you want to read something simliar to this and don’t mind SUPER LONG books (and adult) then try The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I’ve listened to the first five books in the series and find it just as compelling as The River of Time series. It also involves time travel, romance, and battles. The difference is in the location (Scottish Highlands) and time period (eighteenth century).After you read WATERFALL, CASCADE, and TORRENT you’ll want to go find BOURNE (releasing late February 2012). It is an e-novella that follows the books and will hopefully hold us over until TRIBUTARY comes out.