Those Rebels, John and Tom - Barbara Kerley, Edwin Fotheringham
This picture book tells the story of how John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were instrumental to United States History. Beginning with their early years, Barbara Kerley highlights some major events that led each man to Philadelphia that fateful day in 1775 when the Declaration of Independence was finally signed.THOSE REBELS, JOHN & TOM focuses mostly on how opposite they were from each other. In fact, it was pretty much the pattern of the whole book. John skipped school to fly kites and shoot marbles. He loved swimming, hunting, wrestling – and the occasional boxing match, just for kicks.Tom didn’t skip school. He skipped recess – to study Greek grammar. He loved dancing, playing the violin, and reading all the books in his father’s library.Barbara Kerley didn’t include any information about the terrible feud that nearly ended their friendship for good in the text of the story, but instead choose to include it, along with other information, in the Author’s Note at the back of the book. A copy of the Declaration of Independence and references for the quotations used throughout the book are also included at the end of the story.For a better look at John and Tom’s volatile relationship check out WORST OF FRIENDS by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain.