The Angel of Death - Alane Ferguson
Angel of Death is the second book in the Forensic Mystery series written by Alane Ferguson. This one picks up where The Christopher Killer left off. Cameryn is back on the case of the latest mysterious death in Silverton, Colorado. Deputy Justin Crowley is trying to get closer to her, but she continues to pull away, allowing the stress of seeing her mother for the first time in fourteen years or so to change her. She basically pulls away from everyone in her life; even her father and best friend.The mystery is a good one, but what turned me off of this book is Cameryn's attitude through the whole book. I know there are stresses she is facing, but she came off a whiny instead of stressed. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the first. The author did a good job of wrapping up the ending while still leaving it open enough for a definate sequel. If you liked the first one (THE CHRISTOPHER KILLER) then give this one a try.