The Death Cure - James Dashner
WICKED IS GOOD. That is so hard for Thomas to believe - even though Teresa told him it's true. THE DEATH CURE starts where THE SCORCH TRIALS left off. Thomas is in the custody of WICKED. He is alone in an isolated room without any personal contact that it makes it hard to remember how long he's been there. He doesn't know if the other Gladers are there too or if he is truly alone.Eventually, Thomas is reunited with his friends and they are presented with the next task WICKED expects them to help with in the hopes of finding a cure for The Flare. There is dissension in the group. Some accept what WICKED offers while others refuse to trust the organization.Soon Thomas and his friends find themselves in Denver where The Right Arm, a rebel group intent on bringing WICKED down, is headquartered. There they find that the world is in even worse shape than they ever could have imagined. When WICKED gets word to Thomas telling him he is the only hope for the cure, he has to struggle to decide whether he is going to voluntarily go back or not. As always, he doesn't know who to trust or what WICKED is really planning to do.I loved THE MAZE RUNNER (5 Glasses) and liked THE SCORCH TRIALS (4 Glasses). So, why did I give THE DEATH CURE 3 Glasses? Here are some of the reasons (SPOILERISH):After 3 books, we still don't know what Thomas knows.The author didn't do enough to make us care for the characters. I was kind of sick of Thomas by the end of the book and most importantly, when some major characters die - it isn't a big deal.We lose track of some of the important characters from the first two books.The ending is not satisfying at all.It could just be me, but it wasn't really clear what WICKED was looking for in the kids brain patterns while they were in the Maze and during the Trials.So, what did everyone else think? I saw on Goodreads that several people rated this a 5. It makes me so sad that this trilogy let me down. I frequently recommend THE MAZE RUNNER to people, but can't suggest the other two unless they are out of other things to read or are just the kind of person who MUST finish a series or feel incomplete. :/