Bruiser - Neal Shusterman
Brewster “Bruiser” Rawlins is a loner. He was voted “Most Likely to Go to Jail” and isn’t someone people take the time to get to know. Tennyson, a well-liked, popular guy is just like everyone else and doesn’t really give Bruiser much thought – until his sister, Bronte, starts dating him. Bronte has always had a soft spot for strays and Tennyson is convinces that Bruiser is her latest cause.Bronte “sees” something in Bruiser that other people don’t. He has a soft side that he doesn’t show. He enjoys reading and writing poetry and most of all, he loves his younger brother, Cody, and puts him first whenever is possible.Because of the relationship with Bronte, Tennyson begins to get to know Brew a little better and he starts to notice something strange whenever he is around him. Tennyson feels better whenever Brew is around – his heart even feels lighter and when he plays his best game of Lacrosse ever and notices Brew in the stands watching, he starts to put two and two together. Brew is special.When Tennyson starts to explore Brew’s abilities, everything changes. Brew gains friendship, Tennyson and Bronte become closer again, their parents marital problems seem to improve, everything is great. Until……Neal Shusterman has written an engrossing story of friendship and love seasoned with a hint of supernatural. Through multiple points of view, the reader gets to know each character of the story and there is no problem forming emotional attachments to them. Neal Shusterman shows off his ability to write to an emotion other than fear. :)