Hereafter -
Amelia is a lost and wandering spirit. She’s lost track of the years she has spent hanging around the scene of her death. Amelia relives her drowning over and over in strange nightmare-like flashbacks that send her into unconsciousness. She always wakes up in a cemetery. Assuming it is where she is buried, she runs away without looking at any of the headstones for fear of learning about herself.Amelia has lost all memory of her life before she drowned. She doesn’t know when she died, how she died, or who she was.The hardest part about being dead is her lack of sensation. She can’t feel anything until she saves the life of a boy who almost drowns in the same river she did.Joshua can see Amelia. He can touch her. Of course, there is an instant connection.As Amelia and Joshua learn about each other they fall deeper and deeper in love. But, a romance between a living boy and a dead girl is bound to have complications. In their case, they are forced to contend with an evil ghost who wants to claim Amelia for the dark side and a group of seers who are determined to exorcise Amelia to prevent her from walking in the living world.HEREAFTER is the first in a series and it is easy to see where the story will go next.Amelia and Joshua are likable characters, but they are forced to carry the entire story. The side characters aren’t well developed. It was unclear as to the reason Amelia ended up in the HEREAFTER to begin with. Why didn’t she just go to heaven when she died? Does everyone go to the HEREAFTER and then have to choose their path? Is it just because she died in the river? I don’t know. These kinds of questions were the ones floating around in my head while I read the story. I needed more world development.Overall, the love story is nice. Joshua and Amelia make a cute couple, but those looking for a creepy ghost story won’t find it here. This one leans heavily on the romance.