Bitter End - Jennifer Brown
Alex feels lost. She has ever since her mother drove off, leaving the family behind, and dying in a terrible car accident on her way to Colorado. Alex has always wondered what Colorado meant to her mother. Why was going there more important than her family? In order to help her get over losing her mother, her two best friends Bethany and Zack start making plans to take a road trip to Colorado after high school graduation.During Senior year, a new boy moves to town and catches Alex's eye. Cole is attentative, athletic, and attractive. Soon, Cole begins to monopolize all of Alex's time. He shows signs of jealousy about her relationship with Zack, shows up where she works and hangs out until she gets off, and starts having violent mood swings.Alex finds herself in a difficult position. She knows Cole's behavior is wrong and she shouldn't put up with it, but at the same time, she doesn't want to be the "girl who is being abused." The poster child for domestic abuse.Will Alex find the strength to make the right decision? Will she be able to savage her relationships with Bethany and Zack? Will she ever find out why her mother needed to get to Colorado so badly?BITTER END is a wonderfully crafted story. The friendship between Bethany, Zack, and Alex is great and made me want to have friends like them. Jennifer Brown did a lot of research in the area of domestic violence and it really shows. Everything rings true in this novel.