The Eternal Ones - Kirsten Miller
Haven has always been an outcast in her little town of Snope City. Her best friend, Beau, is the only one to stick by her when everyone else in town thinks she is strange, or worse yet, possessed by a demon. Since she was a little girl she has had visions of a past there is no way she should know about. She sees New York City almost 100 years in the past, herself as a blonde named Constance, and a man named Ethan she knows is her soulmate.After the death of her father, Haven attempted to control her visions – not wanting the attention they brought on her and her family. But, the visions came back with a vengeance when she saw wealthy playboy Iain Morrow on a gossip news show. As she passed out, she called out Ethan’s name.Haven decides the only way she will get any peace from the visions is to figure out what they all mean. The only way to do that is to run away to New York and find Iain and see if he is really Ethan and what that means for her life. She is afraid of what it will mean if Iain is really Ethan because Iain is suspected of murdering his friend and the visions she has shows her dying in a fire and it is possible Ethan is the one who started it. Can she trust him?THE ETERNAL ONES kept me engaged. It receives the Stay Awake Award because I read it in almost, one sitting, staying up until 3:00 AM to finish. The only thing that forced me to give it 4 Glasses instead of 5 was Haven. The flip-flopping about her feelings toward Iain started to get annoying about halfway through the story. One minute she trusts him COMPLETELY and the next she believes the worst about him. Another issue about their relationship that could have been better was their romance. It could have been so much more emotional, but instead the fact that they were reincarnated lovers was used to fast-forward the connection between Haven and Iain. It was just assumed they would be together once they met. Even though Haven didn’t remember everything from her past, she still picked up the relationship with “Ethan” where it left off 90 years ago.All in all, I definitely recommend THE ETERNAL ONES. Kirsten Miller leaves it open for a sequel, but really, this book would be a good stand alone.