Sisters Red -
Scarlett and Rosie survived the unthinkable when they were just young little girls. A big bad wolf, disguised as a salesman, forced his way into their Grandma’s cabin, brutally killed her, and then moved on to attack the girls. Scarlett, determined to save Rose, grabbed a shard of glass to fights for their lives. She killed the wolf, but not without damage to herself. Horribly injured and scarred for life, Scarlett makes it her life’s mission to hunt and kill the Fenris – the Fenris that roam, always searching for their next victim.The Fenris are wolves that can appear human in order to mingle among the humans and stalk their prey. They are attracted to young, beautiful women, sweet-smelling skin, and the color red. Scarlett and Rosie use these traits to their advantage when on the hunt. They bathe in flowery soaps, put on makeup to accentuate their lips and eyes, and always wear bright-red, hooded cloaks. The girls frequent dark and secluded places hoping to lure the Fenris out of the shadows. Since Scarlett is horribly scarred, Rosie is usually the bait. Rosie has never felt drawn to the hunt like her sister and since Silas, their long-time neighbor and best friend, has returned from a trip to California she has even more doubts. She doesn’t want her life to revolve around the Fenris and she doesn’t want to be bait for the rest of her life, but she feels indebted to Scarlett for saving her life when they were children and feels trapped in her life. Silas forces her to reexamine her decisions and if she admits her growing love for Silas, she feels she is betraying Scarlett.When a rash of killings in Atlanta appears to be doings of the Fenris, Scarlett, Rosie, and Silas pack up and move in order to start hunting there. What they discover threatens to tear their lives apart.SISTERS RED is fantastic. It is definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year. The story is told in alternating chapters from Scarlett and Rosie’s perspectives. Jackson Pearce masterfully creates her characters in such a way the reader is pulled into the story and emotionally involved in their lives. I laughed out loud, felt the suspense of the hunt, and cried for the characters. I can honestly say I didn’t want this story to end. This is a wonderfully creative retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. The wolf, the Grandma, the woodsman, and the little girl(s) in the bright red cloak are all present. This is absolutely a MUST READ!!!