The Secret Under My Skin - Janet McNaughton
Blay Raytee lives in a government work-camp in the year 2368. Humanity struggles to heal after the technocaust left the world in ruins. The government maintains its control by instilling fear in the people – the fear of technology. Those few that aren’t afraid, eventually become part of the resistance and fight for the return of a democratic society.Blay is “saved” from a menial life at the work-camp when she is chosen to assist the new Bioindicator (guardian of the environment). Through her missions with Marrella, Blay learns the world isn’t as she’s always been told. Soon, she is involved in the resistance and through the use of technology, she discovers who she really is.THE SECRET UNDER MY SKIN was a let down. The world Janet McNaughton created was complicated and the story didn’t contain enough conflict. The small amount of romance included in the story lacked authenticity and the ending was unsatisfying. The technocaust and the role/purpose of the Bioindicator needed more explanation. That being said, I still finished the book – even though it took my all of Spring Break. I kept hoping it would get better.