The Warrior Heir - Cinda Williams Chima
Jack enjoys his normal life in Trinity, Ohio. He spends time with his best friends, goes to school, and is extremely excited about soccer tryouts. Jack is very healthy, despite the thick scar that resides above his heart and the medicine he has to take everyday. Life is ordinary - until he forgets to take his medicine.Soccer tryouts are a breeze. Jack has never felt so alive and when his nemesis, Lobeck, gets in his way, Jack slams him into the goal - without touching him. Jack doesn't realize he is Weirlind, part of an underground society of magical people, and when he sent Lobeck flying into the soccer net, the magic he released acted as a signal to others around him.Jack, destined to be a wizard, but born without his stone, was saved by a leader of the White Rose. The moment Jack's life was saved, his destiny changed. Now, with a warrior stone behind his heart, he is meant to fight for the White Rose in a magical tournament - if he survives until his magic fully manifests.Jack is one of the last warriors and both the Red and the White houses want him to fight for them. Whichever house wins the fight-to-the-death tournament has the power to control the magical community.In a world full of wizards, warriors, seers, sorcerers, and enchanters, Jack doesn't know who to trust. Nothing around him is as it seemed.THE WARRIOR HEIR is the first in a trilogy by Cinda Williams Chima. The story contains many lovable characters, including Jack's two Anaweir (non-magical) best friends. Even though Fitch and Will don't have magical powers, they find a way to be instrumental in Jack's struggle for survival.THE WARRIOR HEIR is a delightful fantasy. You'll definitely want to read the next two in the series, THE WIZARD HEIR and THE DRAGON HEIR.