The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy) - Jessica Verday
Abbey’s best friend, Kristen, is dead. Finding it hard to accept, Abbey just goes through the motions of the funeral service and the burial. It seems wrong that Kristen isn’t standing next to her like she always has been in the past. Nothing seems right anymore.Abbey and Kristen spent much of their free time at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. They enjoyed visiting Washington Irving’s grave and seeing what gifts people have left for him. Abbey and Kristen felt a connection to Irving since he was the author to make their little town so famous by writing The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Now, with Kristen gone, Abbey is left to wander the cemetery alone – until she meets Caspian.Abbey struggles with the process of healing while distracting herself with Caspian. He is mysterious and beautiful and all she can think about. Feelings of guilt sometimes overwhelm Abbey since she is focusing so much on her complicated emotions for Caspian instead of preserving her memories of Kristen. It turns out there are many secrets in the town of Sleepy Hollow and Abbey is smack dab in the middle of all of them. Why was Kristen alone at the river the night she died? Who is Caspian and why doesn’t he give her any information about himself? Will Abbey learn the truth behind The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?THE HOLLOW was a book I was really looking forward to reading. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations. There were so many opportunities for the author to suck us into a wonderful mystery, but then seemed to drop the ball. I kept reading, hoping to learn about Caspian and Kristen’s death, but even after 513 pages I still don’t know what’s going on. I felt completely let down by the ending. It could have been SO good. THE HOLLOW is the first book in a planned trilogy – and yes, before you even ask – I’ll probably read the next one hoping to get some answers. Please Jessica Verday, don’t wait until the third book to give us some answers.