Flirtin' With the Monster: Your Favorite Authors on Ellen Hopkins' Crank and Glass - Ellen Hopkins, Terri  Clark, Niki Burnham, Megan Kelley Hall, Susan Hart Lindquist, Mary Bryan, Gail Giles, Micol Ostow, Cinda Williams Chima
Normally, I don't read a lot of non-fiction, but I'm sure glad I did in this case. Ellen Hopkins did a fantastic job of editing this collection of essays from multiple points of view. Several authors, including Gail Giles, weigh in on different aspects of the issues involved in CRANK and GLASS. Ellen, herself, gives more insight into the turmoil her family went through during the years "Kristina" was in the grips of the monster. But, what is probably the most interesting and beneficial to teen readers is the fact that members of the Hopkins family sound off as well. Ellen's husband, "Kristina's" sister, "Kristina," and "Hunter" all have an essay included. Their powerful words give the reader a real look at the devastation drugs have on the entire family.This book will definitely have a home on my middle school library shelf. If you know anyone that loves CRANK and GLASS, be sure to tell them about FLIRTIN' WITH THE MONSTER.