Everything Is Fine. - Ann Dee Ellis
Mazzy has more responsibility than most people her age. She has a severely depressed mother that barely moves and a father more concerned with his career than with what is going on at home. Her only companionship comes from her neighbors, but friendships are hard to maintain because of her strange and off-putting behaviors. The only outlet Mazzy has is art. Her mother’s abandoned art supplies provide her with a way to express her true feelings when everywhere else she has to hide what is really happening in her life. Readers witness the family’s struggles through Mazzy’s eyes and the reason for their downhill spiral becomes clear as the story unfolds. The author has written a short novel about a serious subject and your heart will go out to Mazzy.The author could have developed Mazzy’s artistic nature a bit more. It just seemed to be scattered here and there throughout the book and we never see her process of creating - just the product; however, this doesn’t take away from the story. With only 154 pages of scarce text this is a book you can fit in anytime.