Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott
While on a class field trip Alice is lured away from the group by Ray - a child predator. The minute she starts to walk with him, her life is over. She becomes a shell of a girl. A girl technically alive, but dead on the inside.The story picks up after Alice has lived with Ray for five years. She knows what to expect - she can read his moods. Ray maintains control by reminding Alice that he knows where her “real” family lives. He’s even driven her there and told her that if she attempts to run away - he’ll kill everyone inside.Ray wants Alice to remain young looking. He withholds food when he thinks she is gaining weight, he gives her medication to stop her menstrual cycle, and requires her to wax ALL the hair from her body.When Alice reaches the age of fifteen, Ray begins to talk more and more about her death. He brings up finding a new girl, someone else that needs to be shown how lucky they are. He forces Alice to scout possible girls for him. When Alice finds a six-year-old girl that would meet Ray’s approval, she finally sees a way out for herself.Elizabeth Scott has written a heart-wrenching account of one girl’s life as an abductee. The amount of detail used to describe her daily experiences is amazing. Many sexually graphic scenes fill the pages of this book and threaten to turn the stomach of the reader. LIVING DEAD GIRL is a story that will stick with you after you finish.