Sleeper Code - Thomas E. Sniegoski
Tom Lovett suffers from a rare form of narcolepsy. Whenever an attack hits him, he doesn’t know if he’ll be out for a few minutes or several days. Tom’s parents keep a close eye on everything he does since he never knows when he’ll have an attack. He is home schooled and doesn’t have any friends his own age. Tom is extremely isolated and lonely.Tom can’t believe his luck when a beautiful girl moves in next door. Madison notices Tom too and doesn’t waste any time introducing herself. The two hit it off immediately. Everything seems to be going great for Tom until he realizes his life isn’t what he thinks it is.Tom is a sleeper agent developed by a secret government agency. Whenever he has a narcoleptic attack, it is being triggered by a satellite that is sending him orders for his next mission. If he thought is narcolepsy was a pain - just wait until he starts dealing with the government!Fans of espionage stories like the Bourne Identity will really enjoy this two part series. SLEEPER CODE (Book 1) and SLEEPER AGENDA (Book 2) are fast paced spy novels. The books are packed with action, advanced technology, and lies, lies, and more lies.