Magic Study - Maria V. Snyder
I finished Magic Study this morning. This is the sequel to Poison Study. In the second book, Yelena attempts to learn how to use her magical powers at the Citadel in the country she was kidnapped from as a child. Going home isn't as easy as it sounds. She hasn't seen her parents or her brother in fourteen years. Irys, the Fourth Magician, is the one who is escorting her and takes her to meet her parents before they head to the Citadel. Yelena's parents live in the trees above a jungle. An intricate maze of ladders, rooms, and hallways are suspended above the ground to where they aren't even noticable from the jungle floor. Her parents immediately believe she is their long lost daughter, however, her brother Lief, doesn't give her a very warm welcome. At first she and her parents feel this is because he feels guilty for her kidnapping all those years ago since he was the one with her at the time. Later in the book, you learn more about the reason Lief is the way he is.Adventures and dangers follow Yelena. In Magic Study, Yelena has to help stop a serial killer from preying on young girls. She learns of new abilities she possesses and how to use them to save herself and others. Familiar and likeable characters from Poison Study make an appearance in this story as well. We get to see Ari and Janco again as well as the Commander and Valek. New friends are made as well. Including a horse named Kiki. Valek and Yelena's relationship is as strong as in Poison Study. The time and distance away from each other hasn't hurt them a bit. The author writes about them to where they are just a couple that you root for. If you enjoyed the first one, you'll definately want to read Magic Study. Out of the two though, I enjoyed Poison Study more. It had a little more excitement in it I think. I was excited to see that a third book is due to come out March of 2008. Can you believe so far away??? UGH. The third book is called Fire Study.