Mr. Tiger Goes Wild - Peter  Brown

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr. Tiger lives in town where everything is very proper. But, sometimes he feels like letting loose. One day he decides to get down on all fours to walk around. That felt so good that he started to ROAR.  Then, that felt so good that he takes off all of his clothes.


The other animals in town don't approve of his behavior AT ALL.  They tell him if he is going to act wild then to take it to the wilderness.  Mr. Tiger thinks that's a great idea. At first he is thrilled to run around free, but soon he gets very lonely and decides to go back home.


What he finds when he gets there is very surprising. It seems like the others have loosened up a little since he's been gone and he can feel free to be a little wild and still live in town.


I LOVE Peter Brown and this book is no exception. It is a great picture book if you want to talk about balance and "too much of a good thing."