Fangs4Freaks - Serena Robar
Four months have passed since Colby was given permission to exist as a half-blood vampire. Not only does she have her license, but she has been given the added responsibility of Protector of all the half-bloods. Colby takes this title in stride and sets about making preparations.

The Vampire Tribunal, the governing board for the vampire community, makes it possible for Colby and the other half-bloods to blend in with society while still being together to train and learn about the vampire ways by securing land on the campus of a local university in order to create a sorority. Colby names it Psi Phi (Sci Fi, get it?)

With the help of her boyfriend/Vampire Investigator Thomas, Colby expects no problems when it comes to dealing with the other half-bloods. In fact, she expects them to consider her a hero for "saving" them from execution. Instead, she gets a mix matched group of girls from extremely different backgrounds who don't think much about her as a Protector.

When one of her charges is murdered right in the sorority house, Colby begins to doubt her ability as well. With the help of familiar faces from the previous book, Carl and Piper, she begins to unravel the mystery and learns of a spy that is in their midst.

One area of irritation is Colby's attitude toward Thomas. While Braced 2 Bite, the first book in this series, was appropriate for middle school and above, Fangs for Freaks get a little closer to the edge. The sexual situations are increased and cause arguments between Colby and Thomas. Colby's tendency to blow up in anger over his actions seem a little over the top and happen too often and take too long to resolve. These arguments usually stem from the fact that Colby is very frustrated that Thomas won't take their physical relationship past the make out stage.

Overall, even though the resolution to the story was rushed at the end, the story leading up to the conclusion was enjoyable. While not as good as the first, Fangs 4 Freaks is definitely worth the time to read.