The Night is For Hunting - John Marsden
This 6th installment of The Tomorrow Series finds Ellie and her friends hiding out, once again, in Hell. After their daring and devasting blow to the enemy in Book 5, they know laying low is the only way they will be able to survive. The enemy is out for blood.

Two new things create complications for the Australian teens. Hell has always been their safe haven. No one has ever found the hideout or even gotten close so they’ve always been able to relax a little while their are there – until now. Old fires and debris has been found, implying people have been camping out very close to Hell. Ellie and the others can only assume they have been there searching for them.

Ellie, Homer, Lee, Fi, and Kevin also meet up with some other rebels. The problem is, they are young kids no more than 10-years-old or so. Ellie and the others feel it necessary to protect them by taking them to Hell, but some of the kids don’t want to go, which puts everyone in danger.

While THE NIGHT IS FOR HUNTING isn’t one of the most action packed books of the series, it is still enjoyable and necessary to read. A lot of things happen to force the characters to change – be it in attitude or behavior. I look forward to the final book in the series.