The Wizard Heir  - Cinda Williams Chima
Seph McCauley has been kicked out of private school after private school. Trouble seems to follow him around. When he is associated in a tragic fire that results in the death of a close friend, his guardians – a law firm – decide he needs a drastic change. Seph is sent to The Havens, a school with a good track record with rebellious boys.

Seph has always known he is special, in fact, he knows he is a wizard. He just hasn’t had the luxury of training since his parents have long been dead and his foster-mother, a sorceress, wanted to keep him away from the magical world as much as possible. In her opinion, wizards are bad news – always looking for ways to control and manipulate the people around them for their own benefit. He desperately wants training and to know more about his heritage and, at first, he thinks he might be able to find that at The Havens.

Jeremy Leicester promises Seph exactly what he wants – as long as he gives Leicester what he asks for in return. When Seph comes to understand what Leicester is after, he decides he doesn’t want anything to do with him. The problem is, Leicester is a very powerful wizard and he isn’t used to being denied. It will take everything Seph has to survive his time at The Havens.

Luckily, Seph isn’t completely on his own. THE WIZARD HEIR brings back characters readers grew to love in the first book of this trilogy, THE WARRIOR HEIR. We see Jack Swift, Ellen Stephenson, Linda Downey and Leander Hastings – all important players in the battle between the wizards and the lower guilds. Readers are also introduced to a few new characters like Jason Haley, another students at The Havens, who provides Seph with much needed support and Madison Moss, a beautiful girl who steals his heart, who has many secrets of her own.

THE WIZARD HEIR is an enchanting story. It is easy to get lost in the world Cinda Williams Chima creates for her characters. It would be best to read THE WARRIOR HEIR first, but if you can’t get your hands on it, starting with THE WIZARD HEIR would probably be okay. You won’t be lost, but you’ll miss out on some of the references in terms of the returning characters.

Don’t wait. This isn’t a series you should miss.