Being: The Path to Self Creation - George E Soroka
Robert Smith was waiting for the nurse to call him into the doctor's office to prepare him for his scheduled endoscopy, not realizing it would be the last normal day in his life. Once called into the office, Robert was put under anesthetic and doctors went about putting a tube down his throat in order to find out what was causing his stomach discomfort. Unexpectedly, Robert woke up before he was supposed to and realized he was in a different room with many people he didn't recognize. He heard phrases like, "What is that?" and "Are those wires?" Robert felt every cut made into his body for the exploratory surgery these strange people in black suits were performing on him.

After Robert forced himself off the table, he managed to get a weapon out of the hand of one of the black suits. At gun point, Robert demanded the anesthetist knock out his attackers and then kidnapped him in order to use his car to get away. Next, he set about making himself invisible. He knew he couldn't go to his house where his foster parents lived or any place he'd normally visit. The first night he checked into a hotel for some rest to give himself some time to decide what to do the next day. He was overwhelmed with thoughts about what was inside him. He looked over the evidence he took from the doctor's office which included a videotape of the endoscopy. On the tape he saw things that should have been impossible.

After a sleepless night, Robert put the first step of his plan in motion. To become a different person, change identities, disappear from the face of the Earth. He went to see a girl named Eddi who was in the business of fake ids, birth certificates, and other needed credentials to get by in life. What he found when he got to her place was suspicion and uncertainty. Life quickly spiraled out of control for both of them shortly after their paths crossed. Escape to Trejeda on the Canary Islands seemed like the best plan. For a time, life fell into the routine of sleeping late, eating fantastic food, and work. Eddi and Robert knew they couldn't hide forever, but they were never prepared for how everything would end.

BEING is an interesting story of an orphan trying to learn his identity. It is filled with intrigue and suspense, however; there are a few loose ends that might leave the reader unsatisfied.