Delirium - Lauren Oliver
Love is a disease. If you get it you'll suffer from loss of appetite, feelings of euphoria, and become easily distracted. Once Love (amor deliria nervosa) gets a hold of you, there is no hope. You can't be cured after the fact. Luckily, the government has developed a procedure to protect the citizens from this terrible disease, but you have to be 18-years-old to get it. For Lena, her eighteenth birthday can't arrive soon enough. She wants to be safe and doesn't want to be driven crazy by the disease like her mother was.

Everything is going as planned for Lena. She has been evaluated and expects to be given permission to attend school and then get married to her assigned partner once her schooling is completed. She looks forward to living a life without the bothersome dreams (nightmares) she suffers from most every night. Dreams of her mother jumping from a cliff to her death. She looks forward to living the life of a responsible citizen. Everything is going as planned - until she meets Alex - a boy who turns her life upside down.

As Lena learns more about what life can be like without the governmental control she is used to, she begins to have second thoughts about the cure she is scheduled to have. She becomes increasingly bold as she experiences some of the life "underground" and soon has to decide just how much she is willing to risk.

DELIRIUM is phenomenal. I was sucked in immediately and couldn't turn the pages fast enough. The ending left me saying, "Oh My Gosh - that was awesome!" While the author could write a sequel, it is satisfying enough as a stand-alone.