Glow (Sky Chasers) - Amy Kathleen Ryan
Kieran and Waverly are in love. Everyone assumes they’ll get married. Even Waverly knows it will happen eventually, but still feels unsure as to whether or not she is ready. As two of the oldest kids on the Empyrean, it is up to them to set an example for the others. It is important for every person of age to have children so they can populate the new planet when they finally arrive.

The Empyrean and the New Horizon are sister ships sent from Earth to establish life on another planet. Kieran and Waverly are among the first generation of children born in space. They have never seen grass, or the sky, or the ocean. Waverly knows she is lucky. Kieran is set to become the next captain of the Empyrean so she will be one of the most influential people on the ship. Waverly knows the importance of their mission. She just hopes she is ready.

Trouble rocks the Empyrean when their sister ship, the New Horizon, forcibly boards and kidnaps all of the young girls on board – including Waverly. The ship is left in chaos. The people left behind have to deal with getting the girls back in addition to saving the ship and themselves due to the possible sabotage done by the New Horizon.

GLOW is told through Waverly and Kieran’s points of view. Through Kieran’s eyes we see the struggles on the Empyrean and through Waverly’s we see what life is like on the New Horizon and learn why the girls were taken.

This story has many layers. The author has created an interesting world and created a story full of thought-provoking and ethical issues. The reader will definitely be looking forward to the sequel SPARK (July 2012).