Slice of Cherry - Dia Reeves
Kit and Fancy are as close as two sisters could ever be. They are inseparable and prefer the company of each other rather than mingling with the other residents of Portero, TX. They are reluctant to go amongst the other people in town, mostly because of the way they are treated. Kit and Fancy are the daughters of The Bonesaw Killer. The community members either fear them or are disgusted by them. The girls are content to stay at home where they are free to do what they want without the prying eyes of others analyzing everything they do.

The girls have a lot of their daddy in them. They crave blood and violence and killing. They started with the animals in the woods around their house - dissecting them and even going so far as keeping bits and pieces of them in jars around their room. Kit wants more though. She wants to cut on people. She wants to know what it is like to vivisect someone. Fancy is more cautious though. While she feels the pull of the kill, too, she doesn't want Kit to get caught and leave her all alone.

Portero isn't a normal town. It has monsters and other strange things occur in its city limits so it isn't surprising that some people have special powers. Fancy has Farsight. She can see what is happening to someone else in the present. All she needs is a little bit of water or other shiny surface. All she has to do is think about what she wants to see and it appears before her.

Fancy uses her special power to create a safe place for her and Kit to fulfill their deepest and darkest desires.

Both Kit and Fancy do a lot of changing during the course of this book. They wrestle with what it means to fall in love, feelings of jealousy, and the difference between good and evil.

SLICE OF CHERRY is the second book in the Portero Series, but you don't have to read the first book, BLEEDING VIOLET, first. I didn't and understood everything just fine. I think this is more of a companion to the first one rather than a sequel.

SLICE OF CHERRY contains A LOT of bloody gore, strong language, and some sexual situations. I totally enjoyed it.