Jennifer's Body - Audrey Nixon
Anita “Needy” Lesnicki is the best friend to wild, crazy, and beautiful Jennifer Check. After Needy is dragged to a club to see a up and coming Indie band called Low Shoulder, her life begins to unravel.

Needy notices some changes after their night at the club. Jennifer’s behavior gets more wild and leads to the deterioration of her and Needy’s relationship and even more disturbing is the fact that boys start turning up dead and partially eaten. All of a sudden, the town of Devil’s Kettle is in the national spotlight.

Needy decides she needs to get to the bottom of what is going on in town. She knows there is a connection between the band Low Shoulder and their immediate rise to the top and Jennifer’s weird behavior – she just doesn’t know what it is.

The story is told as a flash back from Needy’s point of view while she is in solitary confinement at Leech Lake Women’s Correctional Hopital. We know Needy did something bad – we just don’t know what it was. JENNIFER’S BODY is filled with fun and gore which makes it a super fast read. Be on the lookout for the movie sometime this Fall.