A Long, Long Sleep - Anna Sheehan
Rose is awakened with a kiss. Sounds nice, right? Well, not for Rose since she's been asleep in her stasis tube for 62 years.

She awakes to find her world changed, her best friend (Xavier) and parents dead, and wild publicity swirling around her. Rose is the daughter of two very wealthy parents and now set to inherit their intergalactic empire.

The story is told two ways. First, we see how Rose interacts with her new surroundings and attempts to make new friends and second, flashbacks of her life before she went into her stasis tube for the final time.

In addition to coming to terms with her new world, Rose soon finds out that not everyone is happy with her appearance. Someone has hired an assassin to kill her and she must rely on the help of some new friends in order to survive.

My favorite parts of the story were the flashbacks and seeing how her romance (as strange as it is) with Xavier developed. My heart broke for them when they had to be apart when her parents placed her in stasis - sometimes for months at a time.

The author does a great job revealing plot points for maximum effect.

One of the drawbacks for me was Rose's behavior, at times, was very irritating and childish. Even though she has a reason to act the way she does, it still got on my nerves. Another drawback is that this story is supposed to be sci-fi. There isn't much sci-fi except talk of life and travel on other planets and a few new gadgets. Not much else shows that life has changed from today.

All in all, this is a good read. I stayed up all night in order to finish, which I rarely do. My final thought:

Some people aren't fit to be parents and never has there been a truer statement than in Rose's case.