Doug Unplugs on the Farm - Dan Yaccarino

A high-tech robot boy enjoys a day of low-tech fun on the farm.

Doug and his parents are off to visit the grandbots. But when their journey is interrupted by some sheep in the road, Doug goes from downloading information about farm animals to actually interacting with them!

Doug gets to learn by doing-he herds sheep, milks a cow, gathers eggs, and then uses good old-fashioned "horse sense" to get their car back on the road.


This cute little story get illustrates the message that sometimes you learn better by doing. Doug finds out that actually helping a little farm girl with her chores is a lot better than just reading about what life farm life is like.

Dan Yaccarino's bright and simple illustrations will be enjoyed by little ones as they follow along on Doug's exciting day. For me, this book felt very retro.