Everything I Need to Know about Christmas I Learned from a Little Golden Book - Diane Muldrow

This is the second book like this. The first one was EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED FROM A LITTLE GOLDEN BOOK. It was okay, but I thought it was way too short and just ehhh.  BUT, this one is great. It is much longer and flows so much better than the first one. Of course, it's fun picking out the pages from the Little Golden Books that I owned as a child.  I especially loved seeing the pages from THE SWEET SMELL OF CHRISTMAS: A GOLDEN SCRATCH AND SNIFF BOOK. I loved that book as a kid and just about scratched holes through the pages. I loved the hot chocolate page, which is featured in this book. :)

This would be a fun addition to anyone's collection. For adults, we can reminisce. For kids, they can just enjoy another holiday story.