Asylum - Madeleine Roux
Did you read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? Well, this is kind of like that, but with a creepy mental asylum turned college dorm instead. There are authentic photos scattered throughout the book to go along with story. I read the ARC on Netgalley and all the pictures haven’t been embedded yet, but some were there. The problem with the ones I saw were that the didn’t really match the text exactly. For instance, the main character, Dan, was talking about seeing a surgical amphitheater and what he described wasn’t what was in the picture.From the synopsis about you can see that Dan meets Abby and Jordan at this college prep program. Something that didn’t jive for me was how close the author made them seem right away. They were immediately considered best friends. Abby and Jordan met on a bus ride to the school and in later scenes you would think they knew each other forever.Also, the synopsis mentions that there is no coincidence that the three of them ended up at the summer program. There is a connection with the asylum for two of them, but one - not that I can see. Maybe I missed it.There were definitely some creepy moments in the book, but there weren’t enough to outweigh the things that irritated me about the book. I had to force myself not to skim several times.What do you think? Anyone else already read this on Netgalley?