Foiled - Jane Yolen, Mike Cavallaro
Jane Yolen is great. I think it is wonderful that she came up with this wonderfully strong heroine whose power comes from her fencing helmet and foil. Colorblind Aliera has only seen the world in black, white, and grays until events cause her to look for head protection and she puts on her fencing helmet in Grand Central Station. Once in place, the world is an entirely different place for her. Faeries, dragons, demons, trolls, and other scary things surround her (all in bright and beautiful color) and the other unsuspecting people in the station.Trouble is afoot and it is up to her to save the world. Her $2.00 practice foil is her weapon and the cutest guy she’s ever seen is her backup (even though he is a bit of a troll.)I’m looking forward to diving into the the see what happens next.CURSES, FOILED AGAIN is already available.