Eve and Adam -
It all begins with a terrible car crash. Eve gets flashes of pain and is semi-conscious enough to know that she is at a hospital. She hears the doctors explaining to her mother how serious the injuries are, how important it is to keep her stabilized, and how she shouldn’t be moved. But, Eve also knows her mother and when Terra Spiker wants something done, it happens. Soon, Eve is being transported to the lab at Striker Biotech and being doctored by her mother – one of the world’s leading scientists. Eve begins to feel better very quickly and soon becomes very bored. Her mother won’t allow any outside contact and insists she stay at the lab instead of recuperating at home. In order to give her something to do, Dr. Striker gives Eve a project. She is to do some beta testing on a new piece of software meant for the educational sector. It is meant to teach students about genetics by walking them through the steps of creation. So, Eve builds a boy. She has to choose everything about him from the kind of sense of humor he has to the size of his feet. During her time in the lab, Eve meets Solo, a young man who works and lives at the lab. After spending time with Solo, Eve begins to see her mother and the work she does at Spiker Biotech differently. Everything is very secretive and vague and her mother won’t answer questions about what she does. Soon, Eve learns more than she ever wanted to know and ends up running and having to choose between her mother and what is right.Eve & Adam is a great book to group with The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson and Skinned by Robin Wasserman. It really makes you wonder how close we really are to this kind of technology. How cool would that be? Hmmmm, or would it?