Echo - Amanda Clay
ECHO is a page-turner. I love the relationship Echo has with her main group of friends. I love how her and Julian are so close. I love her blossoming romance with Eddie. There are so many things to like about this story. During the scenes when Echo and Julian were working I kept seeing this in my mind:[Insert picture of Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink working on her prom dress.]Of course, Echo has a lot more going on in her life than a rich boyfriend being embarrassed to be seen with her. Echo is struggling to overcome the damage her terrible mother causes. There has never been a more deserving person of the title “Evil Witch.” Echo’s mother calls her fat, belittles her interests, and dismisses her successes. If it weren’t for her friends and fashion she’d be in trouble.I admire how all of her friends try to get her to eat. I think it is realistically portrayed.I would have liked to see more of the disorder though. Not that I wanted another WINTERGIRLS, but a little more evidence of the damage she was doing to her body would have made it even more riveting. There was a mention of something bad, but we didn’t “see” it happen. Just her after-the-fact thoughts. Also, only a couple of mentions of her weight. This is definitely a book you are going to want to put in your collections - both middle school and high school. It is needed! In addition to the eating disorder, it also demonstrates how you don’t have to follow the mainstream to be happy in life. I look forward to reading more about Echo and her friends in Amanda’s future books.