Revived -
Daisy died in a school bus crash when she was just a little girl. Most everyone involved in that crash died, but twenty-one lucky souls were brought back to life as part of a government drug experiment. Daisy was one of those twenty-one subjects. She will forever be linked to the government secret. While all the other drug-trial participants only received the drug once, Daisy has received Revive five times in fifteen years. She takes risks that others don’t because she knows there is a safety net for her. Also, she is highly allergic to bees and fell victim to their stings in her most recent death. Each revival means a new city and a new identity. Her latest lands her in Omaha where she begins a new life with her government handlers, Mason and Cassie, who act as her parents for the public eye.Daisy has never been very interested in making friends. She’s never been able to stay in one place very long and she can’t share her secret with anyone so what’s the point? When Audrey introduces herself to Daisy on the first day at her new school they become fast friends. She finds out what it is like to go shopping, watch movies, and gossip with a friend. She even meets a super-hot boy named Matt who turns out to be Audrey’s brother. Life is great - until she finds out about Audrey.Daisy’s friendships with Matt and Audrey cause her to delve deeper into the government program in charge of the Revive trials. The information she finds sends her world into even more turmoil than she is used to. Dying for good never really occurred to Daisy until she makes friends she wants to keep forever. Tara Sands does a wonderful job portraying Daisy. She has the ability to convey Daisy’s complex range of emotions - her fantastic sense of humor, her brave determination, her innocence with her first love. If you are a fan of thrillers, this book is for you. It has a perfect mix of humor, suspense, and romance to keep every reader happy.