Son - Lois Lowry
Almost 20 years after publishing THE GIVER, Lois Lowry has finally written the ending to Jonas’ story.SON is told in three parts, Before, Between, and Beyond, with a new main character. Claire, a girl a couple of years older than Jonas’, was assigned to be a Birthmother at the ceremony when she became a Twelve. She was disappointed, but not surprised since she didn’t excel in school. Claire becomes a Vessel not long after she arrives, but something goes wrong during the birthing process and the Product has to be surgically removed from her body. After a few days of recuperation she is reassigned to the Fish Hatchery – no longer able to be a Birthmother. At 15-years-old, Claire has nothing left in her life. Tedious routine is the only thing that occupies her days, until she decides to try and find her Product. The decision to track down her son sets the course for the rest of her life.THE GIVER, GATHERING BLUE, and THE MESSENGER all come together in this final installment. Lowry does a great job taking us back to the world of THE GIVER, as well as creating a brand new setting.A couple of days ago I didn’t even know this book existed. I’m so glad I was able to borrow a copy from a friend. This one is a one-sitting read folks so get ready!