The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda
Gene has a secret. One that, if ever found out, could get him killed. He has to constantly stay focused to make sure he doesn’t do anything to give himself away. That means no sweating or laughing and shaving all the hair off of his body every day. Gene is a human, one of the last in the world and he has been blending in for his entire life. His father taught him all the tricks before he died and left him on his own. It is an effort every day to keep going, but Gene hasn’t reached the point of giving up…yet.Everyone at school is a buzz about the special Declaration due from the Ruler. Rumors are flying around as to what it might be about and all are hoping it is to announce another Heper Hunt. Hepers are humans and there has been one time when the Ruler set up a Hunt for specially chosen people. The hunt consisted of citizens (vampires) chasing the Hepers down and tearing them apart limb from limb. It was over in an instant. The hepers never stood a chance against the citizens’ speed, strength, and blood lust. Everyone thought the hepers were gone – driven extinct by people attacks over the years. Could there be any left?When the announcement begins, everyone is glued to the Live Feed from the Heper Institute. The excitement is palpable as the students watch as a captive heper begins choosing the lottery numbers that have been randomly assigned to the citizens. Five to ten citizens will be chosen to participate in a Heper Hunt. These hepers were only children during the first Hunt so the Institute kept them hidden. This time the Hunt won’t be over so fast because the Institute has trained them to use simple weapons so they could learn to fight back. The Ruler wants this Heper Hunt to be more exciting.Gene and another girl from school are chosen for the Hunt. Immediately they are whisked away to the Institute for a few days of preparation before the Hunt begins. What is Gene going to do? He is trapped with people that would kill him in a heartbeat. He doesn’t even get a chance to go home for supplies. How is he going to be able to shave? Where will he be able to get water? How will he be able to mask his scent? Is there any way he will be able to maintain his cover and more importantly, what will he do when he is set loose and expected to hunt down one of his own?THE HUNT is an interesting take on the vampire novel. It is fast-paced and exciting. Andrew Fukuda does a wonderful job of blending traditional vampire lore with cool and new ideas. He did a good job of bringing the story to an end, while at the same time leaving the reader begging for more after an amazing cliffhanger. Even if you aren’t a fan of vampire stories, you should give this a try. THE HUNT is definitely unique.