The Eleventh Plague - Jeff Hirsch
War was waged. A virus was released. P11 killed millions. Only a few people survived.Stephen was born after the war and only knows the life of a salvager. He travels with his father and grandfather across the country in search of materials to trade. Every day is the same. They keep to themselves, travel light, and follow a strict set of rules. But, after his grandfather dies and his father is gravely injured in an attempt to save two strangers, Stephen is forced to make the decisions.He comes across a community called Settler’s Landing where people live in houses, go to school, and play baseball in the park – things Stephen’s never seen before. He doesn’t feel comfortable, but knows he needs someone to help his father. Stephen decides to stay until his dad gets better.It isn’t long before Stephen meets Jenny, the beautiful town outcast. As they form a relationship he becomes caught up in a violent conflict after a prank they play goes terribly wrong. Will they be able to set things right before a war starts and Settler’s Landing is changed forever?