Generation Dead: Stitches - Daniel Waters
I love Daniel Waters and I fell in love with the Generation Dead series in 2007 when I got my hands on an ARC of GENERATION DEAD (the first in the series) at an English teachers conference. I've reviewed all of the book and posted a Q & A with him over the years. I was very excited when I saw the news about this ebook of short stories set in the Generation Dead world. I read through it in one night and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know some of the minor characters from the series. STITCHES contains four short stories - each following a different character.HOW’S LIFEThis story gives us a look at Margi and Colette's friendship. This is nice because in the other books we only see a glimpse of this complex relationship.DOLL PARTSThis was my favorite story of the collection. It focuses on Sylvia and her time inside the Hunter Foundation. This one is a bit on the creepy side. So cool!MY DEAD HEARTThis one gets us inside Tommy's head. This is great since he didn't play a big role in books two and three. It was nice to read about his feelings about Phoebe and Adam and the goings on back home while he was out of the road fighting for the rights of the Differently Biotic.PURPOSE STATEMENT This is probably the most disturbing of all the stories. It follows Popeye and his experiences at school. You really get a sense of his anger in the story. I loved this collection and I'm not usually a fan of short stories. If you like the GENERATION DEAD series you definitely need to get STITCHES. Right now it is only $2.69 at Amazon and $3.35 at Barnes and Noble. What are you waiting for? Go go go!! Order it.