Earthling! - Mark Fearing, Tim Rummel
Bud is nervous about starting at his new school and running late on the first day isn't helping ease his fears at all. Lucky for him, the bus rolls up right after he gets to the bus stop. It doesn't take long for him to realize something is strange though. All the students look really weird, robotic arms force something into his ear, and a safety bar comes down in front of him to hold him in the seat. But, when the bus launches itself into the sky, Bud really knows he's in trouble. He totally got on the wrong bus. Gort, a fellow bus rider sits next to him and explains they are heading to the Cosmos Academy. When Bud tries to explain that he made a mistake and needs to get back to Earth, Gort quickly tells him to be quiet. Earthlings are the most feared creatures in the universe. Gort comes up with the plan to tell everyone that Bud is a Tenarian exchange student and should come home and live with him.At Cosmos Academy, Bud is roped into playing Zero-Ball since Tenarians are known for their athletic abilities. Unfortunately, Bud doesn't play sports and with zero gravity it makes it even harder for him. Gort and Bud come up with a plan to get Bud back to Earth, but the only way they can do it is to secure a place in the Zero-Ball Championship game. That means they have to beat the best team at school. Will Bud ever get back home? Will he be able to keep his identity a secret?EARTHLING! is a really cute graphic novel. The final copy with be in full color and the sample color panels I've seen look great. The ARC I read had black and white drawings and it was still enjoyable to read. Gort is an adorable character and his and Bud's friendship is great!