Bourne (River of Time, #3.1) - Lisa Tawn Bergren
NOTE: You should read The River of Time Trilogy before reading this book. (WATERFALL, CASCADE, and TORRENT)BOURNE starts right where TORRENT ends. Castello Forelli is dealing with the wounded from the battle. Gabi, instead of enjoying her first days as a bride, finds herself organizing the people of the castle in order to best help the wounded. She finds it difficult to keep her mind on her duties as Lady of the Castle since her own husband, Marcello, is severely wounded. Gabi and her family must reaffirm their commitment to remaining in the 14th Century after seeing so many die. As much as Gabi wishes for some peace, she knows it is unlikely. The Firenze are after revenge since being pushed back across the border. This time they are playing dirty by targeting certain members of the secret brotherhood that came to Marcello's aid. Not only are they killing the men involved, but their families and servants, too. Gabi and Lia are thrust into the battle again. The She-Wolves are more than willing to fight side-by-side with the men in order to ensure the safety of the people.BOURNE is just as exciting as the other three books in the series even though it is a novella (1/3 of the size of a regular novel). It didn't take any time at all for me to be transported back to the 14th Century again. In this book we get to hear from Lia's point of view as she deals with her feelings for Luca. I loved that and it makes sense since Gabi and Marcello are already married. Lia and Luca are the ones that will struggle to get together now. And then there is poor Greco. My heart just aches for him. He feels guilty for being a traitor to his people and for his feelings for Gabi. Lisa Bergren really needs to find him a girl. (I actually wonder if we don't meet her at the end of BOURNE.) If you haven't heard of this series start reading it now. It really has it all - adventure, romance, humor. Lisa Bergren has a knack for creating some wonderful men. Marcello, Luca, and Greco really come to life. I wish I was living in Castello Forelli so I could look at them all the time. Better yet, I'd like to be Gabi or Lia!You can buy BOURNE right now for the Kindle for $.99. Believe me, it is totally worth it. Kindle: