Pandemonium (Delirium Series #2) -
Lena can’t get the thought of Alex out of her head. Leaving him behind the fence was the hardest thing she ever did. Knowing she won’t ever see him again tears her apart every day. Now, living in the Wilds with other rebels, she has to get used to a new life. A life of hard work and dangerous situations. Earning the trust of the others isn’t easy, but eventually Lena learns her role in the group and pulls her weight around the homestead. She soon realizes the only way to make peace with her new life is to make a difference in the world she left behind. After regaining her strength, Lena begins preparations to infiltrate Deliria-Free America. Even though love for Alex continues to make her ache, Lena begins to have feelings for someone else. Will she be able to keep her mind on her mission and play her part in taking down the DFA from the inside?PANDEMONIUM is full of excitement and suspense. If I were to compare it to DELIRIUM though I would say I liked it a little more than PANDEMONIUM. The reason being, I enjoyed reading about the world Lena lived in whereas in PANDEMONIUM a lot of time is spent showing Lena in the Wilds and how the rebels survive. Lauren Oliver does a good job with this follow-up. Her ability to write cliffhangers is amazing! I almost screamed at the end of this book. Waiting until 2013 for Requiem is going to be torture.