The Fire  - James Patterson, Jill Dembowski
Whit and Wisty are on the run. Danger is around every corner with the New Order police on the lookout. Their pictures are posted everywhere making it difficult to blend in. Whit’s magic is running low and Wisty is in the last stages of the Blood Plague. Whit has to find somewhere to hide and someway to help Wisty or he is afraid he’ll lose her for good.The resistance has been scattered and Whit doesn’t know if they are even alive. Luckily, Whit comes across a little girl named Pearl Ann who takes them to her family’s house and offers them safety and care for Wisty. They both get some much needed rest.An old family friend comes along and tells Whit and Wisty about the parts they have to play in the battle with The One Who Is The One. Sadly, their parts lead them in separate directions. While Whit goes deep into Shadowland, Wisty has to infiltrate enemy territory to get close the The One. Battling against evil forces, trained soldiers, and brainwashed kids, Wisty and Whit are forced to explore their powers more than they ever have. THE FIRE was a fairly exciting and a lot better than WITCH & WIZARD #1. The problem was the ending. It was much too easily wrapped up. Another issue was the lack of explanation about Whit and Wisty’s power. No one ever explained to them what they are capable of doing. It became really irritating that no one would tell them what they were supposed to do. THE FIRE is #3 in the series. I didn’t read #2, but don’t feel like I missed anything. The beginning of the book provided enough background to fill in some gaps so I wasn’t lost. I would be totally happy if this was the end of the series, but it probably won’t be.