Once - Anna Carey
This review will be SPOILERISH if you haven’t read EVE, the first book in the series. Beware. In order to get the full appreciation for this book I would highly recommend reading EVE first.When thinking about writing a review for ONCE, it’s hard to come up with something that doesn’t give things away. This post will be vague for that reason. I finished the last half of the book last night and loved it. In fact, I liked this one better than EVE.For Eve, life in Califia has been hard. Knowing Caleb is injured and alone in the wild is torture. Even though she has made some friends, does her share of the work, and has relative safety, Eve still can’t say she’s happy. It doesn’t take much thought for her to sneak away from Califia after hearing some of the other girls talk of seeing an injured boy resembling Caleb stuck on the other side of the bridge. Helping him is all she can think about.Disaster strikes.Eve is captured.Life for her changes completely.Eve’s part in the resistance against the King and the City of Sand has just begun! Never would she have thought she’d play such an important role.I can’t wait for the 3rd book. How about everyone else?