Worst of Friends: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the True Story of an American Feud - Suzanne Jurmain, Larry Day
Suzanne Tripp Jurmain takes a different approach to her picture book about Thomas Jefferson and John Adams than Barbara Kerley does in THOSE REBELS, JOHN & TOM. Jurmain briefly covers the facts about their involvement in the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War and, instead, spends time on their lives after these volatile times in U.S. History.Around 1790 is when Thomas Jefferson and John Adams had their major disagreement that led to their feud. They couldn't agree on the way the government should be ran. John Adams felt the President should be the most powerful person in the United States, but Thomas Jefferson didn't think so. He felt that if one person had all the power he might start thinking of himself as a King - and we all know how that turned out. Things really came to a head in 1800 when the two ran against each other for President. It wasn't until 1812 that John Adams picked up a pen to write Jefferson a letter - not knowing if he'd write back or not.Even though the entire book focuses on a feud it still ends on a happy and hopeful note. It almost brought a tear to my eye.