Eve (Eve, #1) - Anna Carey
The plague wiped out most of the Earth’s population. The world is a dangerous place for those outside the safety of the City of Sand. Luckily girls have the opportunity to live at School where they are educated to be the world’s next artists and teachers.Eve has lived safely inside the walls of School ever since she was 4-yrs-old. The memories of her mother sending her on the government truck to safety still haunt her. Her days are spent attending classes like Dangers of Men and Boys. She has worked hard at School hoping for a chance at a great future in the City of Sand. As her time at School comes to an end, Eve finds out she is the valedictorian of her class. She has nothing but hope for her future.Until……she witnesses her nemesis, Arden, escaping School the day before graduation. What Arden says sends Eve exploring and what she finds destroys her world.Eve finds herself alone in the world outside of School’s boundaries and she doesn’t know the first thing about survival. How is she going to make it to Califia, the safe haven for runaway orphans? Does it even exist?EVE is the first book in a trilogy and the world Anna Carey creates is fascinating.I would have liked to give this book 5 Glasses, but I couldn’t. I felt Eve’s transformation from naive schoolgirl to brave heroine was a little too easy. While I liked the characters, I didn’t have a lot invested in them. Also, some of the obstacles Eve encounters on her journey were very predictable. It was kind of like watching a horror movie and screaming at the character to tell her to NOT walk inside the dark, creepy room – you know what is going to happen! All in all, EVE is a nice addition to the list of dystopian books flooding the young adult market today.Check out The EVE Trilogy website for more information.