Ashes - Ilsa J. Bick
Alex is taking a trip to the Waucamaw Wilderness with her parents. She is planning on taking twelve days to hike through the mountains so she can say goodbye. She doesn’t have the will to fight anymore and thinks spreading her parents ashes in one of their favorite places in the world is the best way to end her life and her fight with the tumor in her brain.When an electromagnetic pulse sweeps though the sky while she is still camping, every electronic device is destroyed and billions of people are killed. Those that survive fall into two categories – the humans and the Changed.Alex, saddled with a young girl whose grandfather died during the EMP, meets up with a young army veteran named Tom. Together, the three of them attempt to survive in this post-apocalyptic world and stay away from the deadly group of zombies willing to kill and eat anyone that gets in their path.ASHES is a fantastic addition to the post-apocalyptic “genre.” It is a page-turner filled with suspense, horror, and romance. This is an absolutely fantastic story.