Anathema - Megg Jensen
Reychel has always lived in the castle as the king’s slave, but even among all the other slaves she is treated differently. She is the only one granted brief audiences with the king and while others may whisper of the inappropriateness of the king meeting alone with a slave, it is really quite innocent. The only thing he ever asks Reychel to do is to tell him stories. Reychel is always glad to oblige since it is the only time she is allowed to see outside. Any other time she is forbidden to go outside or even look outside. Everyone in the castle knows not to have windows or curtains open when she is around. Reychel has no idea why this strange rule applies to her.On the eve of her fifteenth birthday, when the king is going to mark her as his property by burning his mark on the back of her neck, Ivy, her best friend, is kidnapped. Now, forced to face her branding alone, Reychel accepts her fate and realizes she’ll be stuck in her lonely life forever.The day of her branding proves to be life changing. Is Reychel up to the challenges she is going to face? Can she really save her people and the other slaves? What is so special about her?ANATHEMA is a the first book in the Cloud Prophet trilogy. The story idea is great and exactly the kind of thing I love the read. There were a few problems though. At times the dialogue didn’t ring true and between historical type speaking to current day speaking. Also, the romantic aspects of this story didn’t pull me in. I didn’t feel it was authentic. Those troubles aside, it is still worth the $2.99 Kindle price.